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4.20 - Editor reminders, notifications

15 March 2023

Automated editor reminders

Editors may now receive automated reminders by e-mail!
The idea is to send, on a regular basis, the to-do list summary to each editor. The formatted e-mail will look like this:


This will save time to editors and editorial offices:
* For editors, so they have an overview of their workload without needing to logging into Nestor.
* For editorial offices, as this will help to alleviate the need for manual reminders.

Editor reminders are easily configured in the reminder configuration.
Please ensure to configure a linked template, which must include the all-important variable: {{ editorReminderList }}

Internal notifications improvements

The notification page has received a major update. Indeed, for any given article:

- the list now displays all notified e-mails (with the notification bell)
- the content of each e-mail is now readable directly (no need to check the article)
- notification bells can now be disabled from this page (no need to check the article)

The end result looks like this:


Internal Notifications are used for important e-mails, when editors' attention is required on a specific point, outside the usual article workflow. As such, internal notifications serve as a complement to the editor dashboard, to handle special cases.

Author's suggestions

If suggestions for referees are requested to the author during submission, they will be displayed much more prominently on the article page:



Unstuck articles in production: "Set published" action

When an article is in production, the status may now be switched to to "Published", provided you have the relevant editor right.