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Dashboards and article status

The workflow has been divided into steps based on who is ‘working’ on the article.


With editors


Awaiting assignment

All articles registered and ready to be sent to an editor

New submission

Articles assigned to an editor

In search of referee

  Invitations of referees, none having promised or sent a report yet

Waiting editorial decision

Expected number of referee reports received

Editorial decision proposed

For EiC only – decision sent by other editors, to be validated

Revision received

The authors have submitted the revised version of their paper


Acceptance decision sent to the author

Sent to referees


Peer review in progress

Once one of the referees has promised a report or sent a report

Sent to author


Back to author

After submission or revision, when the article needs corrections to meet the journal requirements

Revision in progress

Article sent to the author for revision

Production in progress


In production

Accepted articles sent to production

Waiting author proof validation

The proofs are sent to the author who should check and correct them.




 All articles published and those with a final decision: rejected, closed and withdrawn.





In any case, if you don’t find an article, you can retrieve it by typing in the reference in the quick search field.