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Home page and menus

If you are an Editor-in-Chief you may consult information about all manuscripts submitted to the journal(s), whereas for Associate Editors or Guest Editors, access is restricted to information about articles they handle personally

Upon login, your personal interface will be displayed.  This page contains, on the left-hand side, the blue vertical menu featuring notably the search tool, the configuration items (if your profile allows it) and the user management.



 What you see on your dashboard is dependent on your editor profile.

Usually, every editor has access to:

  • The personal dashboard, listing the articles you are in charge of (with a useful To-Do list)
  • The saved searches area, which contains links to all your favorite searches.

Additionally, and according to your profile, you may have access to

  • A list of articles sorted by status (more relevant for editorial office staff)
  • A list of articles sorted by editors (usually used by Editor-in-Chief and editorial office staff);